Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saturday, May 24 Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known as "the city of brotherly love." Did you know it's also the city of about a ba-jillion murals?

Murals were everywhere. And they're beautiful. Not one that we saw was marred by a degenerate's graffiti.

We went to Philly with our friends Alison and Paul and their adorable baby girl Ellery. First we took in some history. Here are the guys by the Liberty Bell.
Next, we took in some local flavor. Lunch consisted of Philly cheesesteaks at Jim's Steaks. Alison learned how to order them before we went. "One provolone with" means one sandwich with provolone cheese and onions. Another popular choice was "one whiz with" which contained cheese whiz. Um, no thanks. The guys ordered us each a sandwich and thought they would be able to finish off ours. No such luck. However, we were lucky enough to get a seat. After we ate, the line for the shop was out the door and around the corner! Here we are before devouring our taste of Philly.

That afternoon we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We enjoyed reliving the Rocky moments. Here's Garrett with the statue outside of the museum. We also saw a cast of Rodin's The Thinker as well as one of van Gogh's famous sunflower paintings. The museum had a special exhibit of Ansel Adams that was spectacular.

After an afternoon rest, we had a delicious dinner at Sahara Grill. My kabobs and the tabouli were so good that they give my dad's competition. The schwarma platter was delish, and the lemonade was yummy, too.

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Tiffany said... really are adorable. I love reading about all your adventures to new and familiar places. It sounds like this move has gone well and you're making it home-at least temporarily.
Everything is beautiful and green in OK right now, the humidity has started to kick in...aughhh.
Have a great week!